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The “Need to Know” Series

These titles are intended to be printed as double-sided A4 documents. Feel free to use them as you will.

Autistic UK “Need to Know” 1 – Is Autism a Disorder?

“In 1978 Lorna Wing and Judy Gould undertook the Camberwell study and a year later published their paper introducing the ‘Triad of Impairments’, the ‘backbone’ of diagnostic criteria for autism. That’s a long time ago. This paper asks, “surely it is time to reconsider our use of terminology that could potentially damage the very population we are supposedly trying to support?” Luke Beardon

Dr Luke Beardon is a practitioner, researcher and trainer and is currently Senior Lecturer in Autism at Sheffield Hallam University. He is co-author of the ASPECT report and has co-edited two books on Asperger Syndrome published by Jessica Kingsley Publications. He is now part of the global consultancy, Autistic Intelligence – He describes his interests as “anything related to autism and Asperger Syndrome, pretty much to the exclusion of everything else”. We like Luke.

Autistic UK “Need to Know” 2 – The Strategy For Adults With Autism In England – ARM UK Response

The Autistic Rights Movement UK (ARM UK) held its second Annual General Meeting in November 2012. At that meeting the name was changed to Autistic UK.

Autistic UK “Need to Know” 4 – Autistic UK’s Message To Government

This article was originally published in “The Autism Issue” of The New Idealist magazine in August 2014. 

Autistic UK “Need to Know” 7 – The National Autism Programme Board

Written for use at a demonstration held outside Richmond House, Whitehall (Department of Health HQ) in March, 2012. We were protesting about the continued exclusion of Autistic People’s Organisations from the meetings of the Autism Programme Board (APB), the body tasked with overseeing the implementation of the “Strategy for Adults with Autism in England”. A copy was thrust into the hand of Paul Burstow MP, the Minister for Social Care of the day and Co-Chair of the APB. We made our point but our organisations remain excluded (and the Strategy remains, by and large, unimplemented).

Autistic UK “Need to Know” 8 – Nothing About Autism Without Autistics

Written for the same demo as No. 7 and similarly thrust into the Minister’s hand and with about as much effect. In 2011 he had agreed to meet with us (and in front of hundreds of people too). We then received a letter from David Behan, the Director General for Social Care (and the other Co-Chair of the APB), informing us that the Minister was not willing to meet with us after all. He couldn’t even be bothered to write to us himself. So this one was written in haste and with a certain degree of cold anger. But let it stand. One from the heart.

Autistic UK “Need to Know” 9 – The Myths Of Autism

“This article is not (necessarily) fact. I do not claim to know all there is to know about autism; indeed, all I can claim is that I have a very keen interest in autistic people and have been working in “the field” for twenty years or so. I probably know a bit more than the “average man/woman on the street” but am more than happy to embrace the notion that in light of what there is yet to learn, I remain pretty ignorant. The main point of this article is to try and highlight all the so called “facts” that are peddled about autism which lead to ignorance and misunderstanding; my intention is to question the building blocks upon which many professionals have based their knowledge, to create fissures in the foundations, and to urge the professional sector, simply, to think again“. Luke Beardon

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