Trans Resource Contact Page

We are dedicated to supporting all autistic people, Therefore, in order to support autistic people who are also transgender or gender-non-conforming, we have collated a contact page for a number of relevant organisations specialising in supporting transgender individuals.

We welcome feedback regarding the information on this page, particularly from autistic transgender/gender non-conforming people who have experience with the organisations listed. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mermaids is an award-winning charity dedicated to supporting young transgender people, including children, as well as their families, through providing resources and networks. 

Their contact info is as follows:

UK Trans Equality Legal Initiative

The UK Trans Equality Legal Initiative, or UK TELI, aim to provide a network to discuss transgender rights across the United Kingdom, discussing healthcare, education, global justice and human rights.

Their contact info is as follows:

Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence is a CIC which aims to provide discussion and increase understanding of gender diversity, through activities, workshops, educational sessions and arts programmes.

Their contact info can be found below:

Gender Identity Research and Education Society

The Gender Identity Research and Education Society, or GIRES, is a UK-based organisation aiming to improve the lives of trans and gender-non-conforming individuals through evidence and research-based work.

Their contact info is below:

Scottish Trans Alliance

Part of the Equality Network in Scotland, the Scottish Trans Alliance works towards shifting policy and informing individuals about gender identity, as well as ensuring rights and inclusion of trans people.

Their contact information can be found below:


One of the most prominent international LGBTQ+ organisations, Stonewall works to empower and protect the entire LGBTQ+ community, lobbying governments and campaigning across the globe to provide a safe society for all, regardless of sexuality or gender.

Information for all of their major UK sites can be found here:

Stonewall Scotland

Stonewall Cymru


Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity – organise the Sparkle Weekend celebration annually, and aim to promote fundraising and trans awareness.

You can find their details here: