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Hub Provision for Statemented Children - Survey Analysis

Following the response from Kirsty Williams regarding the documented guidance for supporting pupils with Additional Learning Needs and/or Disabilities during COVID-19 lockdown we conducted a Wales-wide survey regarding any contact they received from their LEA and/or school regarding hub childcare provision for their statemented child.

We received a total of 189 responses from most counties across Wales (with zero responses from Merthyr Tydfil and Wrexham). The results have been analysed and we have produced a report of its findings. You can read the report in full here.

Key finding are:

  • 76.2% of all respondents had no contact from their school and/or LEA to determine whether or not their statemented child required a hub placement
  • Of the 189 responses, only 27 were in the shielding category, therefore this was not a reason for non-contact
  • Children who attend specialist settings or a specialist base within a mainstream school made up 49% of the responses, but 66% of those contacted regarding hub provision

We accept that some schools may have conducted in-house reviews of children, however the guidance states that parent/carers should be involved in the process, and lockdown with schooling at home is a vastly different environment to typical schooling. Therefore, in-house reasoning may not have been accurate.

Our findings have been sent to Kirsty Williams. Should you wish to comment on this matter, or if you would like your views to be raised in our meetings with Welsh Government, please email press@autisticuk.org.

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Online Focus Group Pilot Scheme

Due to our face-to-face groups being on pause, we’re piloting online focus groups so you can have your say.
Our first groups are about the Impact of the COVID Crisis – The Positives and Negatives:
We want to know:
  • What was your best experience during the crisis?
  • What was your worst experience during the crisis?
  • What do you want to see happen post COVID?
  • What don’t you want to see post COVID?
These COVID focus groups will be running on Tuesday 28th July. 1pm-3pm is an Autistic only group (self ID is valid) and 7pm-9pm is for Autistics and Allies.
Click here to register your interest in joining either COVID group, and to indicate future groups you’d be interested in joining.
Each group can have a maximum of 8 participants (plus A-UK staff) so please register as soon as possible. If we have a large number of people interested, we will look to host further sessions.

Response from Kirsty Williams

This evening (8th July 2020) we received a response from Kirsty Williams to our letter dated 16th June 2020 regarding the lack of documented guidance for schools concerning the return of pupils with Additional Learning Needs and/or Disabilities.

You can read her response in full here.

This has prompted us to send out a short survey to parent/carers in Wales regarding any contact they received from their Local Education Authority and/or school regarding hub childcare provision for their statemented child. This survey can be found here.

We will provide an update with the results over the next few days.

June 2020 Newsletter

Here’s our latest newsletter containing information about all of the things we’ve been doing over the past couple of months. 

Letter to Kirsty Williams MS regarding the guidance for schools returning during the covid-19 pandemic

We wrote to Kirsty Williams MS on 16th June 2020 with the concerns of our stakeholders regarding the lack of documented guidance for schools concerning the return of pupils with Additional Learning Needs and/or Disabilities, particularly for those who attend mainstream provisions (as some specific guidance has been provided for Special Schools).

We are concerned that the needs of these pupils and their parent/carers have not been fully considered, and have requested a response that we can provide to our stakeholders before schools reopen on 29th June.

You can read our letter here.