Due to our face-to-face groups being on pause, we’re piloting online focus groups so you can have your say.
Our first groups are about the Impact of the COVID Crisis – The Positives and Negatives:
We want to know:
  • What was your best experience during the crisis?
  • What was your worst experience during the crisis?
  • What do you want to see happen post COVID?
  • What don’t you want to see post COVID?
These COVID focus groups will be running on Tuesday 28th July. 1pm-3pm is an Autistic only group (self ID is valid) and 7pm-9pm is for Autistics and Allies.
Click here to register your interest in joining either COVID group, and to indicate future groups you’d be interested in joining.
Each group can have a maximum of 8 participants (plus A-UK staff) so please register as soon as possible. If we have a large number of people interested, we will look to host further sessions.