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Mission Statement

Autistic UK is an Autistic People’s Organisation (an APO) an organisation run by autistic people

Autistic UK campaigns throughout the UK and elsewhere to advance the interests of all autistic people and those with “related conditions”

Autistic UK Mission Statement

Autistic UK will work to ensure that the autistic population of the UK is comprised of happy, healthy, fulfilled and empowered individuals.

It will do this by

  • facilitating the establishment of Autistic People’s Organisations (APOs) in every local authority area in the UK
  • encouraging autistic people to have a voice, to “speak up” and to represent themselves
  • encouraging and supporting autistic people to develop the skills needed to be able to represent themselves
  • ensuring that autistic people are given the opportunity to be involved in developing services locally, regionally and sub-regionally as well as at a national level
  • ensuring that the parents, the siblings, the spouses and the children of autistic people are given the same opportunity as well as other family members, friends and supporters, paid and unpaid
  • ensuring that the civil and human rights of autistic people are understood and upheld 
  • working to improve services, facilities and conditions for autistic people.
  • increasing the understanding of autistic people and their differences and needs with the general public
  • raising awareness within the voluntary and statutory sectors as to what it means to be autistic
  • promoting the positive as well as the negative aspects of being autistic
  • forging positive working relationships with parent-carer groups and other autism-related organisations across the UK and beyond
  • establishing links with and to seeking to influence academics and academia

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