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Supporting People with Autism Through Adulthood – National Audit Office, June 2009 – This is the key text in relation to developing the services that will meet the un-met needs of the autistic population of the UK.

Department of Health – Strategy for Adults with Autism in England 2010

Department of Health – Statutory Guidence to the Strategy for Adults with Autism in England (revised) 2015

THE MADRID DECLARATION 2003 – This Declaration was made at the European Congress on Disability held in Madrid in 2003, the European Year of People with Disabilities. Section 8 of part 3 is entitled “NOTHING ABOUT DISABLED PEOPLE WITHOUT DISABLED PEOPLE” and calls for the involvement of disabled people “at all levels of society, in order to engage governments in dialogue, decision-making and progress around the goals for equality and inclusion”. It goes on to call on governments to engage in “dialogue and co-operation with the relevant representative disability organisations” and argues that, “a strong alliance between Governments and disability organisations is the basic requisite to progress most effectively the equal opportunities and social participation of disabled people”. This section has given rise to the rallying cry of the Disability Rights Movement, “Nothing About Us Without Us”. Autistic UK adapted this into “Nothing About Autism Without Autistics”, the phrase included in the logo. [Thanks are due to Roger Turner who designed the original logo.]

THE AUTISM ACT 2009 – We at Autistic UK regularly witness all sorts of people referring to the Autism Act as though it guarantees all sorts of things. In fact it guarantees very little. It says that the Secretary of State (currently Jeremy Hunt MP) must produce an Autism Strategy (which was published March 2010) and legally binding guidance to accompany it (which was published December 2010 and revised in 2015). We wish that people would actually read the thing.

THE AUTISM BILL as introduced into Parliament (January 2009) – This is the original Autism Bill introduced into Parliament by Cheryl Gillan MP as a Private Members Bill in January 2009. It is a very different document to the Autism Bill that was enacted in November 2009.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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