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Vaxxed and MMS Warning

It has come to our attention that the film Vaxxed is coming to the United Kingdom and Ireland. This film states that autism is caused by vaccines and that parents should not get their children vaccinated. We find this film abhorrent on several levels. One, the idea that vaccines cause autism – this is incorrect and has been proven in numerous peer-reviewed solid studies. Two, the idea that parents should refrain from getting their children vaccinated – this is not only stupid but incredibly dangerous. Vaccines prevent diseases like measles and polio – these diseases, if they don’t kill you, can leave you permanently disabled, disfigured, or sterile. Three, the people in the film convey the notion that it is better to have a dead child from an easily preventalbe disease than to have a child who is autistic. We find this type of thinking repugnant, for what we hope are obvious reasons.

We also need to warn people that a dangerous “cure” for autism has arrived at our shores from the United States. It is called MMS and it is essentially an industrial strength bleach. It is sold as a panacea, a cure for all ills. Parents of autistic children are told to have their child drink it or to give their child repeated enemas with it. The health implications are horrendous and have lead to children dying and being severely injured. 

We will post more in-depth information about both topics as soon as we can, but we wanted to alert people as quickly as possible.

We would like to thank our associate Emma Dalmayne, who helped us learn about MMS and who has, thanks to her efforts, been at the end of many abusive calls from MMS supporters.


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The above article was published shortly before the publication of the “Strategy for Adults with Autism in England”. At that time we shared the concerns expressed by the National Autistic Society. We still do. The NAS has since changed its position and now regards the Autism Strategy as a wonderfully useful document which “marks a turning point for people with autism”.

Autistic UK has not changed its position. The Autism Strategy remains an excruciatingly poorly written document and needs to be revised forthwith.

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