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Autistic UK promotes the use of identity-first language in relation to people with an autism diagnosis.

We are not “people with autism”. We are autistic people.

Autistic UK supports the Identity-First Autistic project.!make-the-change/c1b58

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  • A PLEA from autistic adults regarding Autism Awareness Month, April 2018

    by Monique Craine I thought I should draw up some basic guidelines which I have found to be commonly desired by members of the autistic community. Please follow these ten guidelines if you
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  • Thinking Outside the Box

    by Joseph Redford. The situation for many autistic people in the U.K. today is dire. We have incredibly high rates of unemployment, isolation, exclusion, bullying, depression and anxiety. Social
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  • Self or Official Diagnosis

    by Marion Hersh. Control is important to many autistic people and we do not want to give it up to professionals and experts.  I, for one, resisted formal diagnosis for this reason for many years
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