Medical and Government Advice plus Other Useful Information


How to get a Fit Note Online –

General Guidance from the NHS –

NHS 111 Symptoms Check –

***Register as an Extremely Vulnerable Person*** – Please read the following warning from Fry Law on the possible danger of registering on the government’s vulnerable person list. While we are not suggesting that the government is trying to trick us, it’s best to fully consider all the possible unintended ramifications before acting – Thanks so much to Chris Fry for this information.

Easy Read Coronavirus Information –

Inclusion North Easy Read Information about Coronavirus –

Guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-19 –

Fantastic guide to Covid-19, your health, getting medical help, even a helpful packing list if you need to go into hospital. Many thanks to Jessica K. Doyle for all her hard work!

Superlative Communication Rights Toolkit from Communication First regarding your rights when you have trouble being understood in medical situations. This is a US-based site, so the laws are different over there, but much of it is very relevant here –

Photo of a pair of hands washing near a running tap.
And now wash your hands!


Guidance on Social Distancing and Staying at Home –

Guidance on Social Distancing and Staying at Home in Welsh

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for individuals and businesses in Wales

Guidance on Social Distancing and Staying at Home in Multiple Languages

Tabby and white cat licking a human's hand.
And no, this doesn’t count!

Money and Benefits:

Key Meters for Electric/Gas? Official advice to support vulnerable people during the pandemic –

Information for Water customers –

Coronavirus support for employees, benefit claimants and businesses –

Coronavirus and Claiming Benefits (Statutory Sick Pay, Universal Credit, ESA, Changes to Jobcentre Appointments, Health Assessments, Local Housing Allowance, Housing Benefit, Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, Employer Advice-

Step by step guide to washing hands.
Use this guide instead. No cats involved! (Sadly)

Mental Health:

Mind – Coronavirus and Your Wellbeing –

Creative Mental Health During Isolation –

Autism and Quarantine from Neuroclastic –

School blackboard with, "I must wash my hands," written across it many times.
I’m going to keep badgering you about this. It’s important.

Other Information:

Incredible grass roots mutual aid group for disabled and vulnerable people –

Webinar about how to work from home for disabled people. This has already taken place, but there is a link to see a video of the webinar –

NextDoor, a neighbourhood hub useful for people who want to help or need help from neighbours –

How to Disinfect Your Phone and Other Gadgets –

Six Month MOT Exemption –

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Two people standing apart with a warning sign in a red circle that reads 2m.
Practice social distancing!