Hans Asperger.

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We understand this story is causing considerable debate, and also will cause a lot of strong emotions from within the community. That’s perfectly natural, and we hope the debate that ensues will be respectful and productive. 

For those who feel upset, hurt, angry or worried about this story, that’s absolutely understandable. We’re feeling that way too. And we’ll be here to support anyone who wishes to find others to talk to about this news.




we will publish a longer statement in due course.

Autistic UK Statement on proposed closures of SEN schools in Belfast;

Autistic UK Statement on proposed closures of SEN schools in Belfast;

Autistic UK would like to place on record it’s grave concern at the announcement by the Education Authority in Northern Ireland on Monday, to close SEN schools and to create three larger so-called “super schools”.

Autistic UK believes this is simply a cost-cutting exercise that is being dressed up as a “transformation” of services.

Increasing school and classroom sizes has tended to have a negative effect on the educational standard a child receives. This also has the potential to have classrooms made up of children with widely varying needs, which will mean that it is not possible to give each child the specialised support they require.

Autistic UK further notes that the Education Authority’s decision to announce this plan on a public holiday gives the impression that this plan was not something they wished to see receive media attention.

Parents have only found out through the media that their child’s school may close, and this has sparked widespread panic, upset and anger.

Autistic UK is calling upon the Education Authority to give parents and schools accurate and honest information, regarding these potential school closures.

Autistic UK also urges the Education Authority to ensure that stakeholders will be given enough time to adequately respond to the proposals.

Autistic UK Statement re; Huffington Post Column.


Autistic UK would like to place on record our disappointment at the words used in a recent column, published in the Huffington Post.


Autistic UK does not believe that in 2018, it should be acceptable to use Autism as some sort of insult or a way to denigrate and belittle those with whom you disagree. Autistic UK calls upon Mr Meagher to recognise the implications of his words, and to issue a full apology.


We would also encourage those that shared Mr Meagher’s article to acknowledge that this sort of language is not acceptable in modern discourse, and we would be happy to engage with any individuals who would wish to learn how to avoid this happening again in the future.


Additionally, we would also like to extend a formal invitation to Mr Meagher to attend one of our AUK events, so that he can see for himself his stereotype of Autistic people is false, and learn something from this whole experience.