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Autistic UK Vision Statement

Autistic UK envisages

  • The establishment of Autistic People’s Organisations (APOs) within every local authority area in the UK
  • The establishment of regional and sub-regional APOs as needed
  • For these autonomous, independent APOs to come together to form a network covering the whole of the UK
  • A membership figure which reflects the autistic population of the UK (There are 600,000 or more autistic citizens in the UK)
  • Autistic citizens being given the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making processes which directly affect their lives at all levels; local, regional and national
  • Every local authority area having
        • appropriate services for all autistic people
        • the reasonable adjustments required to enable all autistic people to access mainstream services
        • the opportunity of social inclusion and independent living for all autistic citizens
        • clear diagnostic pathways leading to appropriate post-diagnostic support, appropriate medical treatment and appropriate social care

Autistic UK encourages autistic people to come together so as to

  • better understand each other
  • better understand what is meant by being “autistic”
  • campaign together for their rights to be recognised and upheld
  • campaign for the autism-specific services needed
  • campaign for the “reasonable adjustments” required for us to access mainstream services
  • campaign for the recognition of our access needs and for these needs to be met so that the world is made a more autism-friendly place
  • form a consensus as to what it means to be autistic

Autistic UK will participate in efforts to establish European and global networks of Autistic People’s Organisations.

Autistic UK would like to help solve the “problems of autism” and begin to celebrate the autistic experience.

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