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The Autistic UK Committee

Autistic UK members elect the members of the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee also has the ability to co-opt additional people onto the Committee.

There are also a number of Autistic UK Sub-Committees dealing with specific topics such as Media, Fund-raising, Women’s Issues, etc.

Sub-Committee membership is open to all members of the organisation.

Contact us if you would like to:

  • Serve on the Autistic UK Committee
  • Discuss what is expected of Committee members or what you might be able to offer to the organisation
  • Contribute to the work of one or more of the Autistic UK Sub-Committees

Current Committee Members

Alan Borgers – Autistic London – Secretary

James Deane

Marion Hersh

Willow Holloway – Autistic Women’s Empowerment Project – Chair

Kat Humble –  Communications Officer

Julian Morgan – West Sussex Asperger Awareness – Treasurer

Joseph Redford – Deputy Secretary

Graeme Stickings

Adam Sutcliffe-Brown – Deputy Treasurer

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