Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Anti-Bullying Week 2020: United Against Bullying

As there are bullies in schools, and this really needs to stop, there are bullies in the adult world too.

Our Community has a big problem and it is time to take a stand; United against Bullying. There are enough people promoting this in schools, but A-UK CIC has decided to add an angle. Autistic UK CIC has Governance to protect our volunteers and Directors against bullying, but most of you out there – particularly independent advocates – enjoy no such protections.

This is not a call to arms to create a Wild Hunt to dispose of bullies. It is a shout out that everyone can play a part in defeating them. If you see it, call it out. Use facts, not innuendo. If you are suffering from it, call it out with #IHaveaBully and let people know you are being harassed. Tell your story if you are willing and able.

Everyone else; help people when they use the hashtag. Help stop the gaslighting and personal attacks which are perpetrated every day and blight our community.

See the A-UK CIC website for articles and on Social Media for more posts throughout the week.



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