Mission Statement

Our Values

Our network is firmly based in the philosophies of peer to peer support and inclusion. We believe that autistic adults should have choice, the opportunity to make their own decisions, and be equipped with the tools to enable them to achieve their aspirations in life.

We believe there should be nothing about us without us, and encourage our associates to develop the skills needed to successfully self-advocate.

We have no preconceptions of our network associates as we understand that everyone is unique. 

We believe in

  • A person-centred approach
  • Social inclusion
  • Empowering every individual so that they can make their own choices in life
  • Self-advocacy for all autistics
  • Promoting independence using a strengths based approach
  • Embracing equality and diversity
  • Maintaining an individual’s confidentiality
  • Working in an autistic and trauma informed and aware way

The models and acts we work to