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Welcome To Autistic UK

The Only National Campaigning Organisation in the UK run by Autistic People

Autistic UK is an Autistic People’s Organisation – an organisation run by autistic people

Autistic UK campaigns in the UK and beyond to advance the interests of all autistic people and those with “related neuro-developmental conditions”

It offers information, support and informal advice to those with a neurological difference

Autistic UK aims to:

  • promote the civil and human rights of autistic people and to campaign for the enforcement of the legislation which guarantees our rights
  • increase understanding of autistic people and their differences and needs
  • work to improve services, facilities and conditions for autistic people.

Autistic UK does not seek to represent autistic people. It aims to ensure that autistic people have the opportunity to represent themselves. We need mechanisms and processes which empower autistic people and enable them to represent themselves.

Autistic UK envisions Autistic People’s Organisations (APOs) in every locality in the UK, independent autonomous groups able to use the umbrella of Autistic UK to come together into a national network.

Autistic UK recognises that many autistic people are unable to represent themselves or experience great difficulty in doing so.

We recognise the importance of carers, family members, friends and supporters of autistic people and welcome these non-autistic people as associate members.

Autistic UK believes in unity and consensus and in seeking common ground.


At least one in every one hundred UK citizens is autistic. This may be a conservative estimate. At least 7,000 autistic children are born every year in the UK, about 11 every day. There are at least 700,000 autistic people living in the UK.

  • 85% are not in full-time employment (50% of disabled people are in full-time employment and about 85% of non-disabled people are in full-time employment)
  • 66% are not working at all (including voluntary work)
  • Over 60% rely on their family for financial support
  • 33% have no income at all
  • 40% of autistic children suffer bullying at school
  • 70% experience mental ill-health in childhood
  • About 75% have no friends or find it very difficult to make friends whilst 72% would like to spend more time in the company of other people
  • Only 14% live independently
  • Over 70% of those who do live independently experience bullying or harassment

This must change

Join Autistic UK to help make that change happen

Our Aims

Autistic UK campaigns in the UK and beyond to advance the interests of all autistic people and those with “related neuro-developmental conditions”.

Our Mission

Autistic UK will work to ensure that the autistic population of the UK is comprised of happy, healthy, fulfilled and empowered individuals.

Our Vision

Autistic UK envisages:- The establishment of Autistic People’s Organisations (APOs) within every local authority area in the UK

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