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To all members of Autistic UK.

Last night an Emergency Meeting of committee members voted to suspend Russell Stronach from the A-UK committee and the duties concurrent with his position on it. This suspension is until the next full committee meeting that can be held with proper notice and Russell will be given the opportunity to reply to the allegations that have led to this suspension from the committee.

I am at the membership’s disposal for questions and would be willing to go on Skype or IM for those who would prefer a less public forum than FB to discuss our actions. The proceedings from here on will be fully transparent and I hope members realise the need for acting as we did when the facts come out.

All the decisions taken in regard to this matter will be put before the full committee for ratification as the decisions made last night were done so to secure assets and infrastructure, not to consider the allegations.

Julian Morgan
Treasurer A-UK


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Our Aims

Autistic UK campaigns in the UK and beyond to advance the interests of all autistic people and those with “related neuro-developmental conditions”.

Our Mission

Autistic UK will work to ensure that the autistic population of the UK is comprised of happy, healthy, fulfilled and empowered individuals.

Our Vision

Autistic UK envisages:- The establishment of Autistic People’s Organisations (APOs) within every local authority area in the UK

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